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Platini, the ‘Journalist’ With Music Passion

by Andrew Shyaka
3:34 pm

Singer Platini Nemeye alias Platini P confessed that he ditched his journalism degree to pursue music because it’s the only thing he dreamt of while growing up.

Platini obtained a degree of Journalism from the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Rwanda in 2012.

The former Dream Boyz member who is now pursuing a solo career said this while premiering his new song dubbed Veronika.

“I studied journalism but my passion for music couldn’t let me practice what I studied. Music is my life and I don’t what to mix it with another thing which also requires much time,” says Platini P

The singer however, has a dream of owning a media house because.

“My dream is to set up my own radio or television station because I still love journalism although music is my life,” he said. 

Platini – Right

Platini promised to drop more songs before this year ends to speed up his solo career. He is still new when it comes to doing music as Platini P but he has been doing music over 10 year under Dream Boyz.

Before launching a solo career, Platini P first recorded two songs featuring Safi Madiba and Nelly Ngabo from Kina music.

The singer revealed also that, Dream Boyz as a company still exists and it will stay because it laid a foundation of what he owns today including a mansion.

So far, he boasts of songs like Fata Amano featuring Safi Madiba, Yamotema featuring Nel Ngabo and his latest song Veronika.

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