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Motherhood Won’t Stop Me from Doing Music – Young Grace

by Andrew Shyaka
9:02 pm

Young Grace and her daughter Diamante

Female emcee Grace Marie Abayizera commonly known on stage as Young Grace revealed that being a single mother demands plenty of time and care, but it won’t affect her pace of releasing new music.

After giving birth, the rapper went off the grid and people started saying she quit music, after two months without releasing any song, the rapstress came back claiming she was busy taking care of her newborn.

Speaking to KT Press, Young Grace acknowledged that, before taking the decision to have a baby, she also laid strategies to keep her music career shining.

 “Everything needs planning, both motherhood and music demands a lot of time and attention but I have already laid strategies of how to manage them without losing one. My fans shouldn’t be worried because it’s all under control,” Young Grace.

“I do take care of my baby, do chores and manage to get time to hit the studio without any hindrances. I have been doing so for some time now without a babysitter.”

The 28 year old rapper parted ways with her baby’s father and fiancée footballer Hurbert Rwabuhihi, famous on the pitch as Pique days after giving birth.

Recently she started an online based show talking about the livelihood of single mothers. According to her, the youtube show aims at encouraging single mothers not to lose hope, be creative and raise kids with good behavioral manners suitable for the society.

Young Grace recently dropped a new song dubbed Token. She said she plans to drop more as well as a virtual show before the year ends.

The Ataha he singer boasts of songs like Whiskey ya papa, You can do better and Diamante meaning Diamond which is her baby girl’s name.

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