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Plans for Album Launch on Hold – Mico The Best

by Andrew Shyaka
4:12 pm

Mico The Best

Singer Prosper Turatsinze alias Mico The Best has revealed that he will continue to release singles until the pandemic is eased and then embark on plans to stage a massive album launch concert.

Before the pandemic, the singer had plans to launch a full album but the project was put on hold when the entertainment industry was put on halt due to corona. 

Mico disclosed the information while premiering his new song dubbed Ubunyunyusi featuring Riderman.

“I had plans already set for launching an album but due to COVID-19 it was put on hold though I will keep on releasing singles to keep my fans on the grid,” says Mico The Best. 

The singer also warned people for misinterpreting his songs into sexual oriented with intentions of making him a naughty singer. 

“I sing in Kinyarwanda and I don’t know why people just change the meaning or start twisting the real message into sex oriented ones,” He added.

This comes following his hit singles like Igare, Saa Moya, Umunamba and his latest song Ubunyunyusi which came up with a mixture of reactions on social media.

Mico The Best has been writing songs for various artists for more than ten years and actually, he is more popular among musicians as a genius song writer than a performing artist.

On the other hand, Mico The Best is known for pitching attractive and meaningful lyrics accompanied by quality beats and Melodies. 

The singer is under Kikacs management headed by Dr. Kintu together with another ballistic song writer Danny Vumbi.

Mico The Best started his music career in Super Level record label which was owned by Urban Boyz where he produced some of his hit songs like Umutaka.


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