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Kwibuka 27: Ministry of Health Pays Tribute to Patients, Former Staff

by Williams Buningwire
11:39 am

Minister of Health staff at Ndera Genocide memorial

As search for bodies of 1994 Genocide against Tutsi victims continues, Dr. Daniel Ngamije, Rwanda’s Minister of Health directs hospitals and health centers to do the lists of former staff who were massacred during the tragedy.

On May 7, the Ministry paid tribute to patients and its staff who were killed during the Genocide.

The event included testimonies and laying wreath at the Ndera Genocide memorial located at Ndera Psychiatric hospital, Gasabo district where 21,000 Tutsi were massacred.

Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamoje pays tribute to the victims

They include patients, hospital staff and Tutsi from the neighboring community who had sought refuge at the hospital expecting interahamwe militia to respect the premise’s privacy.

“We are remembering our employees who were killed because they were Tutsi, but also comforting the survivors. It is shame that 27 years later, authors continue to conceal information about the whereabouts of the victims,” Ngamije said.

“For Example, remains of the Genocide victims continue to be exhumed at Kabgayi hospital, now 186 bodies and the search continues. Some hospital staff have information about the killings at this particular hospital but they kept quiet.”

Laying the wreath

The Minister directed hospitals to do collect information about former staff who perished in the Genocide so that they can also be remembered.

In Ndera Psychiatric hospital 21,000 Tutsi were massacred including hospital staff, patients and member of the neighboring community.

Charles Nkubiri, Director General of Ndera Psychiatric hospital said that efforts to find more victims’ whereabouts continues.

He said that Ndera Psychiatric hospital management is working with Gasabo district to facelift the Ndera memorial site.

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