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Singer Meddy to Switch to Gospel Genre

by Andrew Shyaka
2:15 pm

Meddy and his wife Mimi

Rwanda’s budding R&B crooner Medard Jobert Ngabo commonly known on stage as Meddy could be switching to gospel music after a series of Bible verses he nowadays posts on his social platforms.

 Back in 2016, the ‘My Vow’ hitmaker told local tabloids that he will change from secular music to gospel after releasing a hit song dubbed Ntacyo Nzaba featuring Adrien which went viral on social media as well as earning more than 1 million views in a short period of time.

According to close friends living in same area with Meddy, in USA, the singer is in studio penning down and recording gospel music as his main focus.

In fact, the news reaching our entertainment desk suggests that his upcoming tune will be a gospel song with a special guest on it which happens to be his wifey Mimi.

When Meddy came to music scene back in 2010, he released a gospel song called Ungirira Ubuntu which was well received and contributed a lot to the singer’s music career boost.

“One day I will have to switch genres and focus on gospel music as one way to thank God for blessing my songs to be loved by music lovers. Every time I sing a gospel song, it becomes a massive hit overnight,” Meddy told KT Radio back in 2018.

Already the R&B most popular artist boasts 4 mega gospel hits including Ungirira  Ubuntu, Jamboree featuring The Meddy, Ntacyo Nzaba featuring Adrien and Holy Spirit.

According to Meddy, Holy Spirit tune was a true story based on his life experience and it is one of the reasons he is motivated to sing about the endless love of almighty God.

Recently after walking down the aisle with his Ethiopian wife Mimi, Meddy through his social platform Twitter and Instagram told his more than 741k followers that he is a changed person and the post was followed by Bible scriptures.

His current song ‘My Vow’ which features his wife as a video vixen caused a stir on social media after fetching more than 1million views in a day. It has now gathered 5.6million views in a period of one month.

Meddy is currently one of the most popular musicians in the region, given his skills, vocals and experience.

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