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Who is President Museveni’s RNC Visitor, Charlotte Mukankusi?

by James Ndizeye
11:59 pm

On Friday March 15, 2019, we published a story that revealed details of President Yoweri Museveni’s meeting with Ms. Charlotte Mukankusi, an official of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), the terrorist organization – with bases in South Kivu, DRC – that is benefiting from recruitment and facilitation of movement by the Ugandan government. The link here gives those details of the meeting. However, who is this RNC envoy who was hosted by Museveni in Kampala between March 1-6, 2019?

Who Is Mukankusi Charlotte?

The woman in charge of the terror group RNC’s so called diplomacy and relations Charlotte Mukankusi – also charged with outreach to other armed groups and terrorist organizations hostile to Rwanda – is a renowned swindler. She is wanted by courts in Rwanda, but is out of reach of the law to answer for high financial crimes including outright embezzlement.

Impeccable sources from within the judicial institutions reveal that Charlotte is accused of embezzling more than two billion Rwandan francs from an Indian firm, Angelique International. Additional charges are pending of forgery and breach of trust. According to the information we were able to compile, in 2008 Angelique International was lured by Mukankusi to buy a government printing house, Imprisco, at a cost of 1,422,297,880 Rwandan Francs.

The firm then hired her to manage the facility on its behalf. Mukankusi then immediately pulled a fast one on her trusting Indian employers. The firm released all the required funds to cover the cost of Imprisco, but Mukankusi paid Frw 1.2 billion, withholding the rest. She paid the money to Rwanda Development Board with assurances that she would deposit the remaining 200 million Frw, plus 62 million Frw to cover the salary arrears of the printer’s employees.

The assurance Mukankusi gave RDB was that the rest of the payment would be cleared between 2008 and 2010. Information we have from credible sources is that the Mukankusi did not honor the obligation to pay up the rest of the money. That led to further heavy losses for her Indian employers. Together with accumulated interests, the company incurred a loss of Frw 402 million.

Angelic International slapped a lawsuit on her. The company further alleges that Mukankusi used forged documents, forging the signature of its Deputy CEO of Pankaj Goyal, to acquire a loan of Frw 1,020,783,510 from Rwanda Development Bank, as well as Frw 100 million from Access Bank in the name of Imprisco.

Mukankusi, again playing fast and loose with other people’s money, never put the funds she had borrowed in the company’s name into the company. According to bank records, the Frw 100 million acquired from Access Bank on 20 December 2011 was used to service the woman’s other loan in the same bank; which loan she had earlier acquired in the name of her other company, Business Clinics.

In addition, she withdrew Frw 500 Million from Imprisco’s account, which she never accounted for.

According to a former employee of Angelique International, when the company discovered Mukankusi’s mismanagement, they sacked her on the spot. The same source intimated that aware of what would follow after embezzling the company’s finances, Mukankusi immediately fled the country, without an official handover.
A Rwandan Businessman, Eugene Turatsinze, has also sued Charlotte Mukankusi for fraudulently taking up to Frw 439,852,622 from him, promising him a 50% stake in Imprisco.

This is the character of the lady that now is a high-ranking RNC official.

Museveni’s meeting with this wanted Rwandan dissident and swindler is a clear sign of his determination to destabilize Rwanda.

But don’t be surprised when you hear the self-styled “Ssabalwanyi” claiming he didn’t know Mukankusi was a Rwandan national.

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