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Liberation: Artists Organise Online Concert

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:00 pm

Masamba Intore

Rwanda have this evening started through traditional music and dance celebrating 26 years of liberation of Rwanda by Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) Inkotanyi, which put an end to years of divisive leadership and a subsequent genocide against Tutsi which claimed more than a million lives.

KTPress brings you a 2020 line up of events including live online performances that will inspire heroism, patriotism, resilience and hard work among Rwanda in spite of the current Covid-19 global crisis.

On the offset, Rwanda’s most acclaimed national traditional dance troupe, Inganzo Ngari are putting on a show flying and swing their traditional wear to inspire many.

The concert dubbed ‘Urwinziza’ will be live on their YouTube channel.

The troupe head Serge Nahimana says that today’s event coincides with their usual live Friday event performance which is usually held at Hotel des Mille Collines but have since been shifted online due to Covid-19.

“The concert name ‘Urwinziza’ is also in line with the reflection of the country’s heroes and this event will be a way of celebrating Rwandan heroes in the liberation struggle,” Nahimana said.

BK’s Muzika Iwacu brings Masamba

Sponsored by the Bank of Kigali,  Masamba Intore will on July 4th take center stage in the third edition of Iwacu Muzika Festival to entertain all Rwandans at their home on Rwanda National TV (RTV).

Masamba will be joined by renowned traditional dancer Paccy Rutabingwa and is expected to come in army uniform to relive the days when he used to sing for the then Rwanda Patriotic Army songs of courage to fight for their own country in exile.

The 600 film is back for free

As Rwandans celebrate Kwibohora26, “The 600”film is back in Rwanda on TV Rwanda broadcasting agency this weekend and the rest of Africa can now access #The600Film in English starting on July 4th on the streaming service http://watch.vumicentral.com

The film known as ‘The600’ is a documentary of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi in the 3rd battalion who were trapped behind enemy lines of the then genocidal government and their priceless sacrifices made to set their country free.

The film 114-minute film, which gives firsthand accounts of resilience and sacrifice by the 600 soldiers who were crammed in the Parliamentary building, then known as Conseille Nationale de Developpement (CND), when the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The entire film produced by American TV and film producer Richard Hall and co-produced by Rwandan filmmaker Annette Uwizeye, is based on real accounts told by real people, while just a few scenes of the massacres were reconstructed.

Bonnhomme Liberation Concert Goes Online

This Friday, folk singer Bonnhomme (Jean De Dieu Rwamihari) will officially perform his third liberation concert dubbed Inkotanyi ni Ubuzima comprising of songs like ‘Ya Mbunda y’Inkontanyi’ (The Inkotanyi Gun) ‘Inkotanyi Ni Ubuzima’ (a Liberator is life) among other new songs.

This year’s concert starting 8pm to midnight in July 3 will be live on BTN TV.

At the ‘Inkotanyi Ni Ubuzima’ concert 2020, Bonnhomme is also expected to release new songs adding to his 7-song album that was released last year in the same period.

The jolly wide-smiley dark-skinned singer is also expected to attract many views from all walks of life including children, women, and former soldiers.

In last year’s performance, his concert was highly attended by officials from the National Commission for The Fight against Genocide (CNLG), Graduates Genocide Survivors Organisation (GAERG) and supported by populace favorite artists like Senderi Hit international, Dieudonné Munyanshoza among others.

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