Teta Diana, Focus Ruremire to Grace Umuganura Festival in Nordic Countries 

Diana Teta

Just over two weeks after Umuganura was celebrated in Rwanda, Rwandan Diaspora in Nordic countries are gearing up to mark Umuganura.

Singers Teta Diana and Ruremire Focus based in the region will be entertaining at the celebrations.

The celebrations will take place on Saturday 29th August.

Teta Diana, the Fata Fata singer took on her social media platforms to inform her fan base in Sweden and Norway to be ready to jam with her through the course of celebrations where they will be able to get a glimpse of some of her new tunes on the newly released album dubbed ‘Iwanyu’. 

Teta Diana has been making money from various music festivals across Europe, USA and recently she released her new album dubbed ‘Iwanyu’ which she is currently promoting.

She became famous when she was doing music under Gakondo group, a traditional music crew that features celebrated cultural musicians like Masamba Intore.

She boasts hits like Kata, Velo, Ndaje and None N’Ejo which features on her upcoming album that she plans to launch mid this year.

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