Cabinet Appointments: Diplomatic Missions Dominate the List

Top-Down from Left: Guillaume Serge Nzabonimana first counsellor in the Embassy of Rwanda to Dakar-Senegal, Opirah Robert  First Counsellor in the Embassy of Rwanda to the Republic of Ethiopia/Permenant Mission of Rwanda to the African Union, Col Joseph Rutabana High Commissionner in Kampala – Uganda, Kayitesi Ornella, First Secretary in the High Commission of Rwanda in Singapore, Kaze Ornella, Second Councellor in the Embassy of Rwanda to France, Mironko Fidelis Ambassador of Rwanda to Ankara-Turkey

The cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame at Village Urugwiro on September 25 made several appointments, with a long list in Rwanda’s diplomatic missions.

Col Joseph Rutabana

For example, Col. Joseph Rutabana, High Commission in Kampala – Uganda replacing Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage.

Fidelis Mironko was appointed Ambassador of Rwanda to Ankara-Turkey.

Rutabana was Rwanda’s ambassador to the State of Israel until the new appointment.

Moreover, four Minister Counsellors were appointed to represent Rwanda in the Permanent Mission and High Commission in several countries.

Those include Kayinamura Robert in New York-USA, Ngango Gatuku James in Geneva, Switzerland, Wizeye James in London-UK and Buhungu Abel in Khartoum-Sudan.

The cabinet approved 10 first counsellors who include  Guillaume Serge Nzabonimana in the Embassy of Rwanda to Dakar-Senegal and Opirah Robert in the Embassy of Rwanda to the Republic of Ethiopia/Permenant Mission of Rwanda to the African Union.

Robert Opirah

Moreover, nine  second  Counsellors were appointed to Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC), Tanzania, Nigeria, Egypt, Zambia, Switzerland/United Nations-Geneva, France, US and India.

Guillaume Serge Nzabonimana

The list also includes five first secretaries and one commercial attache that were appointed to several missions.

Nsengiyumva Joseph Cedrick

At the Rwanda Development Board(RDB), Mr. Nsengiyumva Joseph Cedrick was appointed Chief Financial Officer while Tuyishime Pacific was appointed Acting Chief Investment Officer.

Lucky Philip was appointed Head of Investment Marketing Department.

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