Let’s Keep the Flame of Unity – Miss Rwanda to the Youth

Miss Rwanda Nshuti Muheto Divine

Newly crowned Miss Rwanda 2022, Muheto Nshuti Divine calls upon youth especially those born after 1994 Genocide against Tutsi to keep the flame of unity, peace and to fight for never again Genocide in Rwanda.

The 19-year-old beauty queen joined Rwandans and friends of Rwanda today to kick off the national mourning week, which starts the 100 commemoration period.

Miss Muheto passed the message through her official social media platforms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to remind fellow youth born in the aftermath the Genocide to fight against genocide ideologies and anything that can take the country backward.

“We have an obligation of keeping the flame of unity to rebuild our nation,” Miss Muheto posted.

The Genocide cost life of more than one million innocent Tutsi who were massacred by the Hutu extremists.

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