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“More Capacity Building Needed” Minister Gatabazi Reacts After Local Leader Walks Away from Press

by Edmund Kagire
12:17 pm

Musanze Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, Axelle Kamanzi is at the centre of a debate after she walked away from media asking questions.

The Minister of Local Government, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi has reacted to a trending video showing the Vice Mayor of Musanze District, walking away from journalists, stating that there is need for more capacity building to improve communication skills among local leaders.

Minister Gatabazi reacted after the video of Axelle Kamanzi, the Musanze district Vice Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs, caused a buzz on social media. In the first short video released by Flash TV, Kamanzi is asked by journalists about the state of houses built for vulnerable households in Shingiro Sector, Musanze district, which are reportedly falling apart, less than a year after they were built.

The Vice Mayor, who had been attending a meeting to discuss social welfare issues in the district, listened to the lengthy question from the journalist and walked away without uttering a word, causing a storm on social media after it surfaced, with many people commenting on the trending video, some calling for her resignation.

It later emerged that the Vice Mayor had answered several questions from the press but walked away when the particular question was asked, without denying or confirming the claims by the press.

The journalist claimed that the houses had fallen apart, leaving some of the beneficiaries without shelter while others were sleeping in the kitchen. He alleged that the houses were built with bricks that had not dried up well.

Known for his media savviness, Minister Gatabazi said that there is a need for improved capacity building among local leaders to improve their communication skills.

“It requires us to continue to build the capacity of local leaders and staff (Capacity building) so that they can be equipped with communication skills  and how to conduct themselves before the Media. We also need to remind them that they have a responsibility to provide information as required by law,” the local government Minister tweeted.

The video has stirred a debate on social media, with some defending Vice Mayor Kamanzi, saying that rather than lie about the situation or give wrong information, it was appropriate for her to walk away. Others however argued that she should have told the media that she does not have enough information on the matter or say that it was not part of the issues they discussed, instead of walking away.

She is yet to speak out on the incident.

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