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New Minister of Local Government Sworn-in

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:18 pm

Jean Claude Musabyimana, new minister of local government

President Paul Kagame has sworn-in Jean Claude Musabyimana as the new Minister of Local Government and called on leaders to serve citizens first in order to attain development goals.

Musabyimana, who was until yesterday Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Agriculture was appointed November 10, 2022 to the post replacing Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, who has served the office since 2021.

Dressed in a black suit and white shirt, Musabyimana raised his right hand and solemnly took an oath to diligently serve the state, and citizens and not to abuse the power endowed upon him.

President Paul Kagame said that Musabyimana has all it takes to lead the Local government as a minister and reminded him that this is not a new thing to him but another level of duty and responsibility.

“The responsibilities lead in the same direction only that in this case the responsibilities are more. The role of ministers is to work for Rwandans, the country not just in words but in most cases this should be based on actions,” Kagame said.

Kagame referred to the oath taken by every leader in Rwanda’s government saying it is enough to explain the responsibilities and what leaders should do.

“Some people (leaders) may choose not to fulfill these responsibilities as required and do their own things and that is another issue but the requirements of their responsibilities are very clear,” Kagame said.

The Head of State said that he hopes Musabyimana will understand these responsibilities and be ready to fulfill his duties therein but the basis is to serve citizens so that the country can attain its development goals.

“This is how it happens, there cannot be any development that is not based on citizens, the services and their contribution in the decision making; and the journey we have taken so far is clear to all,” Kagame said.

Kagame wished Musabyimana good luck and to support him but also to collaborate with others in achieving these new responsibilities.

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