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Sunny Regrets Going Nude Live On Instagram

by Andrew Shyaka
6:02 pm

Attention seeker Sunny Dorcas Ingabire confessed that she was too wasted on Saturday when she opted to remove her undies live on instagram to entertain almost 200k followers.

The Kungola singer set social media ablaze on Saturday night when she went wild on instagram dancing in a provocative way while holding a glass of what is believed to be Baileys or Amarula creamy alcohol.

Instagramers flocked her account to appreciate, dislike and others cheered while demanding her to strip naked which she did without hesitation as she was dancing her song Property.

The wannabe singer woke up in the morning while her DM was filled with insults and realized what she did the previous night wasn’t appropriate as a mother.

“I don’t know what I did last night but whatever I did, it was under the influence of alcohol. I was too wasted to realise that. I was live and being followed live by hundreds of followers including under aged.  I am sorry to whoever I offended and please judge me knowing that I was drunk,” Sunny lamented.

Many people who were following live bashed her for inappropriate behaviors and questioned her parental skills towards her kid.

Others mocked her for being attention seeker and dirty because of her raunchy video stunts pouring on herself alcohol into her private parts.

Sanny cohabits with her white pensioner, he gave her various business startups to support her socialite life and expensive vacations.

Sunny came to light with a raunchy video and audio of catchy tune Kungola, which she claimed cost her Rwf 27M. She even made more news in tabloids when her viral video speaking broken mother tongue Kinyarwanda shocked people as she claimed she forgot Kinyarwanda because of one year spent in Thailand.

Her white aged lover owns various businesses in Kenya, Thailand and Rwanda. He even bought her porch rental apartment in Kagugu that bears Sunny’s names. 

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